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Founded in 2003, FSD is a comprehensive R&D enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering. In the past 20 years, we have stepped out of a period of "our golden years...".
Looking back at the road of entrepreneurship, we always adhere to "technological innovation, market innovation, mode innovation and mechanism innovation". In this "changing market", we constantly "seek new ideas and change", and form our own unique "competition philosophy": pursue the eternal "essence one" with the "dynamic" method, and realize the lifelong focus with the concept of "transformation". "The only way to win is to win in the middle" is our "management philosophy" of "self-cultivation and corporate governance". It is also a magic weapon for our sustainable development.
Fushid is a national high-tech enterprise that insists on "technology" oriented. It will achieve long-term R & D of "one generation, one generation generation and one generation". This ensures that we are "leading technology and leading the market", and at the first time, we can completely solve your individual needs.
Fushide adheres to the concept of "brand" as the orientation, and "brand represents quality, integrity, value and taste; and brand makes us more respected by the world" to serve our global customers.
Fushid is a R & D manufacturing enterprise that is guided by "internal control". We use the spirit of "essence only" to control enterprises. We believe that a R & D manufacturing enterprise must have excellent factory management (including quality, R & D, 5S, cost, service, delivery time, efficiency, etc.). These are the real strength of our participation in competition. It is very difficult for a production-oriented enterprise to sustain its operation and development because its basic skills of "in-plant management" are not solid.
Not impetuous, down-to-earth products to do a good job, good business management, Fushide's subsidiary companies into a "small and beautiful, small and refined" professional chemical plant. Pursue the "new, strange and special" of products, design and develop products with the brand-new concept of "injecting the soul of science and technology into products, creating new products with the aesthetic appreciation of art", and pay attention to the perfect combination of "science and technology, quality and art" of products. These are our two goals and the "great and simple" pursuit of every Fushide.
Under the vision of "global vision, open thinking and innovative spirit", every subsidiary of fushd insists on the development strategy of "concentric diversification, branding and internationalization", and serves our global customers with the product concept of "only the best and only one".

Mobile phone: Shao Zhiwei 15895057523

Mailbox: wxfsd_fld001@163.com
Website: www.fsdfld.com
Address: No. 55 Yansheng Road,
Yanqiao Industrial Park,
Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province