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No. 55, Yansheng Road, Yanqiao Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
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  Jiangsu Fuli De Hangtong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.is established by Jiangsu Fushide Technology Development(Group)enterprise holding investment.The company is mainly engaged in the research,development and production of new materials related to"high-tech composite fibers"and"special functional high-end composite materials".It is the guide,founder and benchmarking enterprise of"Special Functional High-end Composite Materials"in China.Many products independently developed are widely used in aerospace,military,nuclear power,electronic communications,transportation,new energy,construction,petrochemical,marine,environmental protection,power and other high-tech fields and other special fields.
  FLD is a national high-tech enterprise that adheres to the"technology"orientation,which ensures that we"lead the market in science and technology",and can completely meet your personalized needs at the first time.The company has fully introduced German equipment and technology to pursue"new,strange and special"products.With the brand-new concept of"injecting the soul of science and technology into products and creating new products with aesthetic appreciation of art",we design and develop products.
  The leading concept of product design:health,environmental protection,safety and fashion.Pay attention to the perfect combination of technology,quality and art.
  The company adheres to the concept of"brand"as the guide,and"brand represents quality,integrity,value,and taste;and brand makes us more respected by the world"to serve our global customers.Our goal is to create the world's first brand of"Special Functional High-end Composites"and make FLD become the research and production base of"Special Functional High-end Composites".

Mobile phone: Shao Zhiwei 15895057523

Mailbox: wxfsd_fld001@163.com
Website: www.fsdfld.com
Address: No. 55 Yansheng Road,
Yanqiao Industrial Park,
Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province